Most new pc tablets now have some touch sensitivity and stylus pens work on their screens. What’s more, you can do work on a tablet pc – but a graphics tablet isn’t capable of much more, unless you own a Cintiq.

So why get a Wacom graphics tablet?

For Wacom, this may be a challenge to figure out, now that devices like the Ipad are able to accommodate artists as well as general computing tasks like browsing.

Their price tag? Another challenge for Wacom which continues to sell its large screen tablets at a price more apt to yesteryear than 2016.


It’s all too clear why Wacom has jumped on the bandwagon working its latest pen stylus for the Ipad crowd.

The tablet industry is changing, and Wacom along with it.

Now enough about business.

What does the Wacom Bamboo Fineline 2 stylus have to offer Ipad owners?

  • Natural and easy to use. A smooth writing experience and a papery feel.
  • “Ergonomics with fine textures in an elegant premium design”
  • “Works with leading apps”

Price: $59.99