Best Wacom Bamboo for Editing Images

Wacom Bamboo Fun

If you want image editing and aren’t concerned with price, I recommend the Bamboo Fun. It provides a large space which is what I prefer.

  • Touch – 7.5″ x 5.1″ (W x H)
  • Pen – 8.5″ x 5.4″ (W x H)

The Bamboo Fun includes more software and extras than the other Bamboo models:

  • Software DVD
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0 Win/Mac
  • Corel Painter Essentials 4.0


Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch

If you are more concerned with price, then I suggest the Bamboo Pen and Touch. It has a smaller drawing (active) area, but that is not a problem for most people. It just depends on your personal preference.

  • Touch – 4.9″ x 3.4″ (W x H)
  • Pen – 5.8″ x 3.6″ (W x H)

It comes without the extras and less software, but the two included are enough for great photo editing.

Software DVD containing:

  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0
  • Nik Color Efex


Art and storytelling can at the same time bring joy and reveal hidden truths to both creator and listener.

When choosing a Wacom Bamboo tablet it comes down to price and size. If you want a smaller tablet and to spend less then definitely buy the Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch. If you don’t care about price and want a larger tablet then I recommend the Wacom Bamboo Fun. My personal preference is to buy the largest tablet you can afford, but that’s just me.


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